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Mentor Programs

The Boys and Girls Club of Meriden’s Mentor Programs are designed to help kids who don't have enough grown-ups in their lives to help support their needs. Some of our Club Kids are growing up with busy, working parents or a single caregiver or maybe they're being raised by grandma or another relative; folks who sometimes just don't have the time they'd like to spend doing fun activities with their children.

That's where you come in! Mentors create a critical connection between a young person and an older, more experienced one. Mentors are just regular folks looking to make a difference in a child's life by providing support that benefits a kid's development. By donating just a little of your time every month, you'll be helping a child to improve their self-confidence, enhance their self-esteem and even help them to get better grades.

But mostly you'll just do fun stuff like go to a movie, play catch or tag, sit down with a board game or go get some fast food. You can also check out a game, go to a concert or take your little buddy to a museum or on a hike or go fishing with them. It's really not complicated. You hang out with one of our awesome Club Kids a few hours a month and the benefits for that kid mount with every minute you spend together.

Listen: We know you're busy, we know you work hard and we know how difficult it is to come by a little extra time. But it's that little bit of extra time that can quite literally change a young person's life, and we're not exaggerating at all.

Call our Mentoring Director Emily Mulligan right now to learn more. You'll be glad you did, and so will a kid that's been waiting for a qualified Mentor. 203-235-8185

We currently have two Mentor Programs at the Club:  Project: HERO and The Big Buddy ⚡ Little Buddy Program:

Project: HERO

Project: HERO is our Mentoring Program for Mentors 18 years or older who want to make a big difference in a little kid's life.  We're seeking responsible adult volunteers (Heroes) who want to spend quality time with a cool child (Sidekick) once a week, more if you'd like.  Studies show that just a few hours spent having social recreation time every month with a non-parental adult can have an enormously positive effect later in life for these amazing young people. Take your Sidekick to the park, to a movie, to lunch, to a water park, or a museum or a ball game…whatever the two of you want, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The point is to have fun, spend a little time together and bring some hope to a child that needs it.

Hero Application Packet PDF

Sidekick Application Packet PDF                                                                                                                    

Big Buddy ⚡ Little Buddy Program

This Program is designed specifically for qualified High School students (Big Buddies) who want to make a difference in the life of an at-risk child (Little Buddy).  We're looking for responsible and reliable High School students in their Junior or Senior year who are caring, compassionate and willing to be a role model for their Little Buddy. We're seeking at least a six month commitment, which will go by so quickly that you'll be requesting another six months before you know it! If you have a kid that needs a Mentor fill out the Little Buddy application that appears below; if you're a high schooler looking to make an impact, open up the Big Buddy application. Or just call the Club and ask for Emily 203-235-8185. Now-ish would be awesome.

Big Buddy Application Packet PDF

Little Buddy Application Packet PDF

For more information and questions please contact Emily Mulligan by calling (203) 558-4353 or emailing EMulligan@bgcmeriden.org.

Thank you for your interest. Call or email today!