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"Food For Thought" Dinner Hour

Our “Food For Thought” Dinner Hour Program runs every weeknight throughout the school year. We feed 50 hungry children each school night by converting our library into a dining room, where ten or so tables are laid out with place settings and centerpieces. Each table has 4-6 kids and every table needs a Table Host...maybe that’s you!

Many of us were lucky enough to grow up in a house where dinner was a special time, when the TV was shut off, the phones were put away and the conversation was the thing. We think it made us better people.

And the data backs that assertion. A massive study conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health followed just over 60,000 young people from childhood into their early adult years and found that those who sat down with their families consistently to share a meal together had higher graduation rates from high school, higher college acceptance rates, fewer instances of addiction and depression and reported a greater sense of well-being than peers who did without.

While we can’t replicate every positive aspect of a sit-down family-style meal, we can try. And you can be a part of it if you contact us now to find out more about the “Food For Thought” Dinner Hour.

Emily Mulligan
Phone: (203) 558-4353
Email: EMulligan@bgcmeriden.org

Oh yeah, and you get to eat for free, so that’s pretty cool...