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At the Boys & Girls Club of Meriden, we’re invested in helping our youth enhance their self-expression and creativity through many different activities. Using art as a vehicle, our members develop skills that enhance their imagination, comprehension, and individuality, all while having fun!

Collaboration and Communication are at the center of our arts programming.
With an emphasis on teamwork and communication skills, youth engage in group projects, performances, and exhibitions, learning to collaborate with others, give and receive constructive feedback, and present their work to an audience.

Diversity, individuality, and inclusion are taught and celebrated!
Members explore and appreciate diverse cultures through art. They learn about traditional art forms, crafts, and practices from different regions of the world, developing an understanding and respect for cultural diversity.

Art programming is included within our Afterschool Enrichment Program daily!
For more information or to register for these programs, please go to our Parent Portal.