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Junior Counselors get to try out Challenge Course!

This past weekend, as part of the Camp staff's training, many of this summer's junior counselors, and some of their siblings, had the chance to experience the Camp's new low elements challenge course.

Zack G., Joe G. and Bryan K. participate in a trust lean.
The youth in the center leans forward and back
while the other two support him.

One of the warm-up exercises was a game of link tag. One youth is it and chases the youth that aren't linked up. When you link up with some one the youth on the other side now has to un-link and is eligible to be tagged.

Tyler A. learns to trust his the other youth as they "levitate" him.

Tyler's "levitation" reaches it's peak.

On the multi-swing the kids had to swing from one "island" to the other with out touching the ground. It got challenging trying to catch each other and still keep everyone on that tiny island!

Swinging across the "lava".

After each element youth "debrief" to discuss what they learned and how they felt. This is an important part of each challenge that helps to process what was experienced while participating in the challenges.

On the Team Triangle you navigate one team member from the island to each pole, grab the rope, and get back without touching the ground.

The Wild Woosey is a challenge where the participants have to rely on each other for support while traversing down the triangle as it widens out.

Alex and Natalia start their trip down the Wild Woosey as Hannah (underneath) and Anna, along with several other youth, spot for them.

Eric "Curly" Leinng and his girlfriend Val run in to little bit of difficulty and use the spotters underneath them for support.

We ran out of time to have the youth try out the Tire Traverse but the staff had the chance to experience it on Saturday. Here new staff member Josina James follows Mike Cwirka. This one looks easy when you're standing on the ground but when you get up there you realize that the tires are far enough apart that if you stop swinging you won't be able to reach the next one!

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